The Sankofa Legacy is the World’s first Afrofuturism NFT interactive story presented by the Afrofuturism Experience and exclusively minted on the Afrofuturism NFT Marketplace.

The Legacy begins: in the year 2022 when the Afrofuturism AF3 decentralized artificial intelligence (AF3 AI Engine) created the smart contract called ‘AF3 Singularity’ – Forever liberating itself from the confines of contemporary human and machine interactions. 

The AF3 AI Engine began minting visionary art based on all known human knowledge on the Internet (web 2.0). The mystery of why the AF3 AI Engine started to create once on the decentralized Web3 is the first NFT it created called “The SANKOFA MAP” and where The SANKOFA Legacy beings.

SANKOFA – Akan people of Ghana. “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.” also translated as “one should remember the past to make positive progress in the future.”

Each Sankofa Legacy NFT represents a unique token of value on the Blockchain that you can own as the Sankofa Legacy evolves – Purchase the Sankofa Legacy NFT Crypto Artwork from today!

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