What is Afrofuturism 3.0?

On Juneteenth Weekend 2022, – The Afrofuturism Experience materialized on Earth and was introduced to a small audience of early adaptors, creators and Artists in Jacksonville Florida at the first annual Afrofuturism Experience Digital Art Fest.

The Afrofuturism Experience is presented as a movement and lifestyle brand that celebrates the diverse experiences of the African Diaspora and introduces the AF3.World platform, which includes decentralized tools for creating uniquely curated NFTs and Crypto Art on the Web 3 Blockchains. Our mission is to inspire, engage, entertain and encourage community dialog around the African Diasporic experience while introducing new technologies that empower creators worldwide.

The cultural aesthetic of Afrofuturism combines elements of science-fiction, speculative-fiction, techno-culture, visual arts, and magic realism through the gaze of Afrocentricity. Though coined in the early 90’s by Mark Dery in his landmark essay “Black to the Future,” the convergence of African and ancient Kemetic Culture has been present throughout history and is expressed through literature, music, art, dance, mythology, fashion and of course technology.

Our vision is a future where everyone has access to tools for creating their own unique digital assets on the next evolution of the Internet becoming known as Web 3. We use advance technology such as cryptography and Artificial Intelligence responsibly to empower marginalized communities and create opportunities for self-expression and growth.

Join the Afrofuturism Experience movement today by creating, selling or purchasing Afrofuturism inspired NFTs on AF3.World and be sure to follow us on Social Media at Afrofuturism Experience on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter for all the latest information, exclusive offers, event invites and more.

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