The Second Annual Digital Art Fest presented by Afrofuturism Experience Brings Together Large Scale Digital Art, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences during Juneteenth Weekend in Jacksonville, Florida on June 17th, 2023 (12pm to 11:30pm). 

The Second Annual Digital Art Fest presented by Afrofuturism Experience is back with a Groundbreaking Fusion of immersive Art, Fashion, Music, Culture, and Technology. 

This year’s festival promises to be bigger and better with an array of exciting events, including large-scale Digital Art installations,  immersive VR and AR experiences, an Afrofuturism-inspired fashion show, live music performances, and a closing party with special guest DJs playing Afro Beat and Dancehall fusion.

Attendees can expect to experience mind-bending digital art installations, including interactive augmented reality installations that respond to the viewers proximity and movement, large-scale projections, and Virtual Reality demos. The VR and AR experiences on offer will transport attendees to new and exciting virtual worlds, allowing them to immerse themselves in Afrofuturism-inspired environments, Virtual Art Gallery and narratives.

The Afrofuturism-inspired fashion show will feature designs from up-and-coming designers, showcasing their unique visions of the future of fashion with rising model talent that demonstrate the beauty and diversity of all cultures. The live music performances will showcase the best in emerging music, featuring artists from a range of genres.

The festival will culminate in an Afrofuturism-inspired closing party, featuring special guest DJs playing Afro Beat and Dancehall fusion, bringing attendees together for a night of dancing, celebration, and reflection.

Event Timeline & Details:

12pm-5pm Activations (Episode I – General Admission)

  • Web3 onboarding: Our team will assist you with setting up all of the Apps you will need to get the full Digital Art Fest experience. Everything from redeeming your NFT Collectible passes to creating your own custom Metaverse enabled Avatar.

  • Augmented Reality Wall: An interactive experience through art, history, culture and into the future of digital design.

  • Virtual Reality Guardian Spaces: Reserve your VR experience with onsite professional VR guides featuring multiple VR adventures/demos available to choose from in 20-30 minute pre-reserved sessions. Limited time/space will be offered, so be sure to reserve by booking your time as a Digital Art Fest ’23 pass add-on.

  • Digital Art Gallery: Step into the largest sound stage between Atlanta and Orlando to view larger than life projections of emerging digital artists work. Immerse yourself in the ambiance, network with other artists, collectors and enthusiast surrounded by surreal soundscapes and ever-changing digital environments.


5pm-11:30pm Activations (Episode II – VIP Ultra)

  • Afrofuturism Film Festival Contest Screening: Starting @ 5pm Attend the exclusive screening for the Afrofuturism Film Festival (AFF) contest finalist featuring the top selections in Best AF Short Film (10 mins or less), Best AF Script, and Best Af Movie Poster content.

  • Afrofuturism Fashion Show: Starting @ 7pm Experience a one of kind curated fashion show of emerging fashion design and models in a larger than life digital environment mixed with physical and digital avatar based fashion from the future (VIP/Art Collector seating available).

  • Emerging Artist Live Performances: During Fashion Show & Intermissions Enjoy some of Florida’s top emerging musical talent as the sound scape for the Afrofuturism high fashion show that is sure to place Duval as the emerging artist and talent showcase capitol in the state (VIP/Art Collector seating available).

  • Closing Party: Starting @ 9:30pm Join us for the closing of the 2nd Annual Digital Art Fest ’23 in epic Afrofuturism style with high fashion mixed with Cosplay to the sounds of a curated Afro Beat fusion live DJ mix. You don’t want to miss this closing party in Duval County 2023 (VIP tables available).


Limited Tickets:

Tickets for the Second Annual Digital Art Fest are on sale now, with early bird pricing and student free admission (limited amount) available until May 31, 2023. To purchase tickets and for more information on the festival, visit


About Afrofuturism Experience:

The Afrofuturism Experience, Inc. is a non-profit organization focused on providing unique experiences to diverse audiences using entertainment and technology. Our goal is to bring people together in safe spaces that encourage dialog around art, culture, and the human experience while bridging the digital divide.

We do this through curated workshops and training, strategic partnerships, digital content creation and our flagship Annual Digital Art Festival in Jacksonville, Florida during Juneteenth weekend. Our passion resides in the power of Art and Technology to inspire community dialog around cultural themes and action towards the possibilities of the future.

Our mission is to infuse the latest technology with entertainment to create unique cultural experiences while leveraging our resources to bridge the digital divide in underserved communities around the world. You can join our mission by attending or volunteering at any of our events, sponsoring workshops, or establishing a strategic partnership with our organization.

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