Partnerships are in our DNA that enable us to execute our creative passions.

Dear AF3 Partner,

We have chosen you as a strategic partner to execute on the Afrofuturism Experience – Digital Art Fest 2023 vision. Your talent, skills and passion have raised you above others in your creative industry and we are proud to establish a partnership with you for this years  Digital Art Fest ’23. 

Please complete this form so we can ensure you gain access to all shared folders with media content, day of event planning materials, and other valuable information that will help us all succeed together. 

Be sure to confirm all information is correct before submitting as this will also provide the details required for contract execution and any revenue share transactions.

Congratulations again, and we look forward to executing an awesome one of a kind event in Jacksonville, Florida on June 17th, 2023 during Jax Juneteenth (J2) Weekend!


The Afrofuturism Experience, Inc.

Attachment: Partner Contract Link (unexecuted)